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Creative Play Day

What did Pablo Picasso mean when he said “every child is an artist the problem is how do you remain an artist once we grow up?”

Children, before the heavy weight of conditioning, express themselves creatively in many ways: spontaneous movements, yogic-like poses, dancing, playing, drawing and painting. These expressions, tends to fade as we get older, because of insecurity or the excuse of a busy lifestyle. I suggest they need to be reclaimed and relearned! And it is my passion to hold nurturing space for that to happen: Flow State Creative Circles


Entering a flow state is one way to move beyond…into our natural state of creativity, joy and playfulness.


Flow state is a mental state where a person is fully immersed and focused on an activity, leading to heightened creativity, productivity, and a sense of well-being. In flow state, a person experiences increased focus, reduced self-consciousness, heightened senses, increased motivation.


How do we get there:

Using meditation, our breath, sound, shamanic drum, trance movement and sacred plants: Rose, Blue Lotus, Cacao & Hapé (optional)



Rebirthing Breathwork

Group immersive voice toning and Healing Sounds

Authentic Movement Inspired by Frank Natale’s Trance Dance

Art therapy exercises

Blue Lotus Tea



Nilou’s play day was unlike anything I’ve experienced. It put me out of my comfort zone: I had to move in a trance, make sounds and share myself. It was very releasing and I left feeling more open light and connected to my creative side and held in a safe space. Come with an open mind! And try to engage in all the weird activities! :D and see what comes up for you.

Nilou’s energy, calmness and confidence was inspiring. I loved the part where we shouted out all that we are not and the negative beliefs and conditioning around creativity and playfulness. 


I wouldn’t change anything about the play day, everything was perfect! It was heart warming and relaxing. I got to express myself creatively.  It was a very special day. I really enjoyed the sense of being in a safe space with other loving people and being able to just reflect, relax, meditate and get creative. It was something I absolutely recommend. And I would do it again.  edit and add your own.


The Sun, the good vibes, feeling safe and supported! Everyone’s art has inspired and touched me deeply. I loved the artistic processes. I would absolutely recommend it to others. I think you would love it. There s no expectation, no pressure and you are free to be 100% yourself!
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