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All people are born creative, endowed by our Creator with the inalienable right to realize our creativity, for the good of ourselves and the world.

- Barbara Max Hubbard

- Do you yearn to live a more passionate creative life?
- Have you been daydreaming about turning your amazing ideas into real projects?
- Did you wish you could live with more joy and fulfilment by turning your passion into a full time or part time career, but 
don't know where to start?  
- Do you sense an impending creative explosion but not sure what to do with the flood of life force that wants to move through you?
- Or are you experiencing a crisis of meaning and purpose? A dark night of the soul. 

Or are you an aspiring artist who is going through creative-spiritual or financial-abundance blocks? but deep down, you know that you have so much more to offer to the world and crave for manifesting your creative potentials & True Self expressions while getting paid for it?

Whichever it is, If you are searching for a sensitive intuitive mentor or coach, who has gone through similar experiences and is keen to walk beside you, to support you make a leap to manifesting an abundant life with your creativity and what brings you joy, it would be my great joy to support you on your path.
Why Mentoring?
Realising Your True Self Expression

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

In my work as a psychologist, quite often I hear my clients saying "if only I could make a living doing what I am passionate about, I would be SO happy", their passions are often their creative hobbies. In my developmental psychology studies I discovered that creativity, play and curiosity are signs that a child is growing up in a safe and loving environment. Childhood traumas, shame, and receiving negative outcome-oriented judgements about our creations as well as limiting societal conditioning around what it means to be an "adult" sucks away the spirit of curiosity, creativity and play from most of us now "grown up" children who used to be natural artists. My own creative journey as an adult was reborn after processing and releasing many of those conditionings and traumas. As part of my work with clients I encourage creative play in our sessions and I invite the inner children to fully express themselves, through free drawing, plying with paint as well as voice and movement practices. This happens easier after some limiting beliefs and patterns especially heavy burdens of shame and judgement are released through Rebirthing Breathwork & shamanic healing. Recovering and reclaiming one's creativity, apart from creating meaningful artworks, can lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable way of being in the world, where many life challenges can be reframed as "games" to tackle through creative solutions. 
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Currently I am offering the following 7-week creativity mentoring programme only;  to a limited number of beautiful beings who are ready to take a deep dive to:
A) uproot the Psycho-Spiritual blocks in the way of creating a life of abundance, passion and joy based on their 
creative expressions. 
B) take measurable actions towards turning their creative passions into meaningful 
abundant careers!

The initial focus will be on healing the inner child to allow creativity to flow; this will include clearing the most common blocks to living a creative life: childhood traumas and unhelpful patterns around lack and fear of scarcity- of love and money.
The second focus will be on business and life coaching: to give you practical tools (Business Coaching), metaphysical understanding of manifestation (Abundance & Spirituality) and help you access the essential motivation and determination to make things happen.  

- 20-minute free initial exploratory call
- 6 one-hour weekly sessions (in person or Skype)
- 6 thirty-minute weekly update telephone calls 
- One 2.5-hour long deep healing, Breathwork and/or shamanic ceremony session

*Investment: £777 (Payment Plan Available)
Booking: email me on to book your free initial call.

*As a UK qualified psychologist my hourly rate is £100+, however, since I am passionate about creativity mentoring and making it more accessible, I wish to see more souls blossom; so, I am offering this 10+ hour programme for a discounted price to a limited number of clients who are ready to commit to their soul purpose & make a long lasting investment in their creative life. 
I have been trained for many years in various psychological, coaching and healing modalities (See Training); I have a doctorate in Psychology and have earned other qualifications along the way. But in my work with clients I prefer to use the word "mentor". Because to me it carries a sense of trust, friendliness, warmth, guidance and equality, which are the pillars of my work with those who seek my support. If you choose to work with me, the ingredients of our mentoring relationship will be highly individualised based on where you currently are on your creative path and where your heart desires to go. It's kind of like making a unique potion for you, I will add various degrees of healing, Psychology, & coaching to the mix.  The 5 main areas of my specialty in supporting others which are closely linked to developing a strong inner creator are:

- Love (heart healing)
Awakening (Spirituality & dark night)
- Sexuality (empowerment & aliveness) of the soul) 
- Abundance (Expansion & flow)

- Business! (Practical & Motivational Tools)
Heart Healing
Why love healing?
Our hearts is where the spring of life energy flows, our capacity to see
& be touched by beauty lies in that spring. Being able to connect, to the source, to Nature, to our highest Self & to others, is the foundation of channelling the creative force. It is much harder to be a channel for the creative Spirit with a blocked, broken or repressed heart. It would be like a murky mirror that does not allow you to fully see the reflection of the light of the Self, the soul's beauty. So in our sessions, I help my clients access and heal their heart wounds. To breathe light & fresh air into the dark corners of their heart and rediscover the treasures of Love. This includes but is not limited to past life healing, shamanic clearing, processing childhood heartbreaks and adult breakups.

Spirituality & Dark Nights of The Soul 

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A spiritual awakening is a profound shift in consciousness that can occur spontaneously or through intentional spiritual practice. While a spiritual awakening can be a transformative and empowering experience, it can also be difficult and disorienting. Some people experience a period of intense emotional and psychological upheaval, known as the "dark night of the soul," as they confront their deepest fears and limiting beliefs. However, with the right support and guidance, a spiritual awakening can lead to a deeper sense of meaning, creativity and fulfillment in life. 

As a spiritual coach, I believe that creativity can be a powerful tool for individuals who are navigating the complexities of spiritual awakening and the dark night of the soul. By tapping into their creative impulses, individuals can explore and express the deepest aspects of their spiritual selves.

Through my coaching practice, I work with clients to help them unlock their creativity and use it as a means of exploring and integrating their spiritual experiences. Whether through writing, art, music, or another form of creative expression, I help clients to tap into their innermost thoughts and feelings, finding new ways to express themselves and connect with their spirituality. By working with the dark night of the soul and awakening, I help clients to embrace the transformative power of creativity, finding new paths to self-discovery, healing, and growth.

Expansion & Flow
shutterstock_1585685068 copy.jpeg

Our true dreams are close to what the universe dreams for us!

In other words, what we really desire to do in our heart of hearts is what our higher self has in mind for us. Quite often our fears and lack mentality stops us from moving towards the direction of freedom and our dream life. By taking small steps towards our dreams, we can start sensing the abundance of the universe all around us and it's never too late to start taking those steps. ​​


We have a culture, here in the UK but also in most cultures around the world, that teaches us that creatives or those pursuing their true heart desires and not the typical 9 to 5 well-defined jobs will end up broke; so a lot of people are afraid to move in the direction of their creativity and dreams because they are afraid they will lose their lifestyle or necessities. One of the things I support my clients with is to help them realise that following their hearts' desires and carving their own unique creative path is not only possible but can lead to a greater abundance than they currently experience being stuck in unhappy limiting roles. We redefine abundance as not only earning a certain amount of money that would enable them to have a satisfying quality of life but perhaps more importantly as the flow of life force, of joy and of vitality. In this view, our abundance work is tied together with healing the wounds of unworthiness, traumas, outdated scarcity patterns perhaps carried through generations, as well as finding and fanning the flame of inner creativity. 

I guide my clients through a number of tried and tested processes around releasing the old patterns and beliefs around abundance, clearing their space on many levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual to create space for the new life energy and abundance mentality to enter. We use Breathwork, Shamanic rituals, as well as techniques I have learned directly form Abundance master teachers such as Deepok Chopra, Vishen Lakhiani (Mindvalley) and Tony Robbins. 

Empowerment & Aliveness

Sexuality and creativity are often seen as interconnected and intertwined. Many spiritual traditions view sexual energy as a powerful force that can be harnessed for creative purposes. 

Sexual trauma or blockage can cause feelings of shame, guilt and a sense of fear and anxiety around sexuality, which can lead to a lack of self -confidence, self-expression and creativity. This can make it difficult for individuals to tap into their sexual energy and channel it into creative pursuits. Sexual bloackage can make difficult to take risks and explore new creative ideas when there is a deep-seated fear of judgment or rejection.


The inability to access the flow of sexual energy, due to trauma or blockage, can also cause emotional numbness and physical tension in the body; this tension can manifest in the form of muscle tightness and even headaches, which can lead to a sense of detachment and disconnection from or on the other hand excessive focusing on the body. Both of which can make it difficult for individuals to tap into their emotions and connect with their creative energy. 

It's important to note that healing from sexual trauma or blockage is a complex and ongoing process that requires patience, self-compassion, and ongoing support. However in our time together, through Breathwork and shamanic healing, we can work with opening a space for "dialogue" with the body and start accepting "her" as the innocent and magnificent channel for love, beauty, creativity and sexual energy.

Practical & Motivational

Men's Accessories
I will share with you everything I have learned through 3+ years of hard learning, trials & errors, and MANY expensive coaching programmes and online resources (Tony Robins, Mindvalley, Domestika, Online Courses, Podcasts, Books, etc.) about developing a healthy business mindset and a thriving creative business; everything I wished someone could teach me all in one place when I started my creative journey:
- Identity and Branding
- Self worth and Confidence
- 10+ ways to earn from your arts & crafts (depending on your medium)
- Practical step by step coaching: building a brand, creating a website, resources for learning art skills, social media strategy.
- Money: loving!, earning, and growing it. Exploring wise investments in developing your creative career.
- ...and many more tips and tricks unique to each individual case.


Let’s Work Together

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